Performance and Presentation Training

For Managers who have to stand out in presentations, meetings or challenging professional situations. We train on body language, voice and public speaking. The goal: to exhibit a strong presence and to get your message across clearly and lasting. The training is available for groups or as one-on-one coaching for CEOs and Managers. We provide video feedback by request.


Interview and Media Training

For everyone who wants to be convincing in an interview (TV, radio or print). Journalists are, in the best case scenario, professionals and utmost prepared. You, as the interview guest, should be well trained as well. This training provides you with everything necessary to face the interview situation with confidence. Formulate and place key messages, respond to unpleasant questions, master your body language and voice and to know about the specifics of a studio situation and use them to your advantage. Available as training for groups or one-on-one coaching.


Check-up of Power Point Presentations

This one-day training targets Managers who have to be present on a regular basis. Just so you know: Power Point is not the best way to present information; however, if you cannot avoid it, you should at least present it well. This training looks at your presentation closely and optimizes content as well as performance. In addition, we offer information about alternatives to Power Point. Available as training for groups or one-on-one coaching.


Creativity Techniques

This course evolved from our work with TV presenters. To host familiar topics always in a fresh and original way is, at times, not as easy as it looks. It requires creativity. The good news is: You can train to be creative. This training introduces creativity techniques: starting with brainstorming techniques like Walt Disney's "Thinking Chairs" or "Morphological Matrices". It has proven to be especially effective for engineers who get stuck in static, mathematical thinking patterns and therefore cannot come up with new ideas for solutions. The training "Creativity Techniques" is available for groups.


Training of Radio and TV Hosts

From the start to the development of On Air Personalities in front of a microphone or a camera. Training for groups or aircheck for individuals available.


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