Welcome to the Charismedia website. At Charismedia you’ll learn how to always make a perfect impression. Top Managers, politicians and media personalities - none leave communication to the competitors. To make a strong impression: get trained by professionals. In order to make your best impression, three areas must work together: body language, voice and rhetoric. Additionally, if the attitude is right, authenticity, presence or charisma reveals itself. A prime example for such perfect interaction is Bill Clinton.

Ernst-Marcus Thomas, with his company Charismedia, trains CEOs and Managers all over Europe to make their best impression. He has been standing in front of a camera, as a TV host, mainly in live shows for the last 15 years. Besides this valuable experience his academic foundation is also solid: Thomas studied drama and psychology at the University of Munich. This mix of theory and practice makes Ernst-Marcus Thomas a leading expert in performance and appearance. Respected customers of Charismedia are, among others: Lufthansa (Frankfurt) and General Electric (Amsterdam) and many German and Swiss broadcasting companies. Additionally, Ernst-Marcus Thomas was lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the ARD.ZDF.Media-Academy.




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